Growing your hotel room business with an integrated marketing solution from Our Staycation Scotland. Our mission is to deliver profitable marketing using our expertise and constant advertising throughout the UK. When partnering with Our Staycation Scotland, you can expect trackable, measurable results, and a high volume of new guests through our aggressive branded marketing.

We support you in designing a marketing campaign that meets your hotel’s needs. From increasing your brand awareness to winning new customers and constantly filling your accommodations spare capacity.

Your hotel will receive regular weekly payments through the customers that book your 3-7 day getaway with Our Staycation.

Customers are looking for new experiences and spend more money with great businesses that have added additional value to their daily lives. Our Staycation will be advertised nationally, bringing your hotel massive exposure online as well as huge financial benefits.

Extra Room Income

Customers love to buy an upgrade if available

Extra Restaurant Income

Over 90% of guests will choose to eat within your hotel

Extra Bar Income

Over 90% of guests will choose to drink within your hotel

Serve Your Customers

Let your customers know that you care and have them return as loyal guests for years to come.

Track Your Success

Optimise promotions, learn about customers, and monitor feedback with intuitive campaign-management tools in your campaign manager.

Get Ideas and Insights

Visit the Increase The Bookings Blog for the latest tips, tricks, and research to grow your hotel business.