Hotel Dumfries & Galloway

Hotel Dumfries & Galloway

Hotel Dumfries & Galloway

Gretna Green

Did you know why Gretna Green has its reputation as a romantic place to wed? In England, changes in the law in 1754 meant that elopement marriages became impossible; Thus Gretna, (and specifically its smithy) just over the border on the main northwest route, became the destination of choice for runaway lovers.

It's Where Robert Burns Lived

Scotland’s national bard, Robert Burns, may have hailed from Ayrshire just to the north, but in many ways, his heart and soul belonged to Dumfries and Galloway. He lived out his peasant farmer poet fantasy here at Ellisland, which you can still visit, and then went on to spend his last days in the largest town of Dumfries, dying tragically early at 37.

It has Scotland’s Only Triangular Castle

This is a proper old school castle complete with water in its moat, and it still looks very imposing as you approach. The visitors centre sets the scene nicely before you ramble across to the ruins themselves.

Breathtaking Abbeys

Dumfries and Galloway have some of the most romantic ruined abbeys you'll find anywhere. Dundrennan and Glenluce, are under the care of Historic Scotland and both must be visited. Sweetheart Abbey was where Lady Devorgilla carried her husband’s embalmed heart around with her as she was so heartbroken after his death, eventually being buried with it 20 years later.

Rhins of Galloway

This western corner of Dumfries and Galloway has a windswept beauty that instantly beguiles. Stand on the sea cliffs here and savour views over to Ireland, the magical rock plug of Ailsa Craig, and even as far as the Isle of Man.

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