Hotel Fife

Hotel Fife

Hotel Fife

It's home to a world class chippy

Even Hollywood stars Tom Hanks and Robert De Niro think so. Anstruther Fish Bar has won more awards than you can shake a wet kipper at. In the last decade, it has been named the UK's best fish and chip shop by Seafish while also scooping the prize for Scotland's best takeaway at the Food Awards. They have won many more but we'd be here all day. A raft of famous faces have queued out the door to sample the fresh fish and crispy batter here – and we're serious when we refer to the queue going out the door.

Fife used to be Scotland's Capital

Shock horror. Edinburgh hasn't always been the capital. Dunfermline had this title hundreds of years ago, along with royal burgh status. However, after the murder of James I in 1437, Edinburgh was made capital as the Royal Family felt safer in Edinburgh Castle than anywhere else.

Fifers can also lay claim to The Proclaimers

It's not all about you folks from Leith, you know. Brothers Charlie and Craig Reid grew up in the small village of Auchtermuchty (try saying that after 500 pints). They went to school there, and legend has it that's where their love of music began. Granted, they never actually wrote a song about the sun shining on it or anything, so we'll give you that one Leith.

A royal love story started in the Kingdom

Prince William and the then Kate Middleton first met while fresh-faced students at St Andrew's University. They shared many of the same classes and even lived in the same student halls. The pair graduated together in 2005 and are now, of course, married with three children.

It's the birth place of one of the world's richest people

A man who was once among the richest on the planet is a proud Fifer. Andrew Carnegie was a leading philanthropist and is estimated to have given away around $350 million to charities, foundations, and universities in the last years of his life. He was born in Dunfermline but lived much of his life in America and passed away there in 1919. As of 2014, his net worth was an estimated $372 billion – so it's fair to say he had a few quid.

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