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Hotel Stirlingshire

Hotel Stirlingshire

Hotel Stirlingshire

Stirling Castle

During the Wars of Independence, which were civil wars among the Scots as well as a struggle between Scotland and England, the castle changed hands eight times in 50 years. And it is no accident that famous battles, such as Stirling Bridge and Bannockburn took place within sight of its walls.

The Railway

The railway reached here in 1848, and from then the town began to grow fast. New houses were built in the west of the town to meet the demands of a newly emerging middle class.

Wallace Monument

In 1869, the Wallace Monument was built in memory of this rebel leader who had fought so close to Stirling. Later additions to the building included marble sculptures of other Scottish heroes, such as Robert the Bruce.

Medieval Era

At some stage during the 11th century, a castle was built on a rocky outcrop here. It was still very much a rudimentary affair, built from wood and surrounded by an earth rampart. A small town grew up on the slopes around the castle. Then, in 1124, King David I made Stirling a royal burgh.

The First Attempted Flight

The first record of attempted flight took place at Stirling Castle. John Damian flung himself off the battlements in 1507, wearing a pair of feathered wings. He landed in a dung heap, breaking his thigh.

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